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A simple Adventure Island clone (or so I say, but the gameplay is actually rather different) featuring the lovely big doggo, Jay! It runs only on Windows.


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Spring's Adventure Doggo.zip 5 MB


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Played on my show, Indie Game Roundup (starts at 41:20 if embed isn't working). Very promising so far!

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nice, seems like you had a good time. 

I can answer several of the questions you had about the game I think if you're interested:

  1. Configurable controls might be added in the future
  2. You can actually run by holding down D
  3. The first weapon is a frisbee yes
  4. The fire instantly kills you because this game is based of Adventure Island, but in that game everything killed you in 1 hit, here it's a bit more lenient and there are only a few instant death hazards
  5. The trees should be a very easy fix if it bothers you.
  6. The reason why the fruit disappears is that it also does that in Adventure Island, apart from giving points the fruits also refill your health and timer, defeating the secret bosses will give you a point multiplier when you collect fruit.

Sounds great! Just so you know, for point 6 I was talking more about that very specific fruit that disappeared before I could get to it while I was on the cloud platforms. Didn't seem like any of the other ones did that which is why I pointed it out in the video.

Oh well, they just disappear on a timer, maybe the waiting for the cloud meant that said timer would run out faster.

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Looks amazing, still want to play it. Might release a review in the upcoming weeks/months when the Gamer Report website is complete. I'm Night Eagle btw

nice, good to see you around here!